Education Endowment Fund Donation

Education Endowment Fund Donation

The New England Ophthalmological Society Educational Trust Fund was established in December, 1992. The Fund was renamed the Educational Endowment Fund in November, 2004. The Fund's dual purpose is to assure the continuing education of New England ophthalmologists and promote public awareness of ophthalmology.

The Educational Endowment Fund is prospering due to the generous contributions of our colleagues and meeting exhibitors. Only the interest generated by the principle will be utilized. In this manner, your contribution is a perpetual one.

The Educational Endowment Fund is supported by members of the Society exhibitors and the public. It is tax exempt.

Please consider contributing to the Fund whenever you wish to honor friends, colleagues, or teachers, past and present. You will be investing in yourself, your profession and the young ophthalmologists to follow.

For more information, questions or comments email:
Michael Price, MD, Chair
Committee: Caroline Baumal, MD, Thomas Coghlin, MD, Francis D’Ambrosio, MD, Richard Dornfeld, Mathew Gardiner, MD, Christopher Newton, MD, Joseph Levy, MD, Mary Daly, MD
Thanks in advance for your support.

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