March 11, 2016 Conference

Corneal Ectasia and Refractive Surgery

To learn about the latest tools and parameters to screen refractive surgery candidates; 
To explore alternatives for patients at risk for post-refractive surgery ectasia
To review current status of corneal crosslinking in preventing and treating corneal ectasia

Update on Corneal Topography
Kambiz Negahban

Emerging Technologies to Assess Corneal Biomechanics
S. H. Andy Yun

Preventing Ectasia Through Better Screening
J Bradley Randleman

Update on Corneal Ectasia: Risk Factors and Management
John Frangie

My Patient Got Ectasia: Non-Refractive Surgeon Approach to the Corneal Ectasia Patient
Paul M. Pender

Non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation in post-LASIK ectasia
Deborah S. Jacobs

Collagen Crosslinking to Treat and Prevent Ectasia
J Bradley Randleman

Ethics and Risk Management

Using feedback from NEOS members and discussion by the Program Committee, ethics of introducing new procedures to one’s was identified as a significant professional practice gap in our membership.

Program Objectives:

The content and format of this educational activity has been specifically designed to fill the identified practice gaps in our membership's current and potential scope of professional activities in a way that focuses on education, while managing commercial support and maintaining independence from promotional activities and commercial proprietary interests. This program seeks to: 

1) Increase the competence of the audience in the areas of strategies for MD as defendant in malpractice claims. 

2) Improve the performance of the audience in ethics of introducing new procedures to one’s practice.

3) Improve outcomes in the area of addressing conflict of interest in medical innovation and research.

Diagnostic Errors: Retinal Detachment
Trexler M. Topping, Anne Menke

Your Duty To Disclose Medical Mistakes: Perspectives from a Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney
Stephen O'Shea

Ethics as Part of Residency Training: Is it One of the “Competencies”?
Carolyn Kloek

Ethics of Adopting a New Surgical Technique
Samir Melki

Morning program

Ethics of International Ophthalmology
geoffrey tabin

Medicine Heal Thyself: The Role of Medical Boards
Maroulla Gleaton

Conflict of Interest in Medical Innovation and Research
Joan Miller

Ethical Lessons from “Waking Up Blind”
Thomas Harbin