June 1, 2018 Conference

AM - Complications of Emerging Surgical Procedures


Endocyclophotocoagulation Outcomes for Different Glaucoma Types and Stages
Michael Lin, Abdulrahman Rageh, Angela Turalba, Teresa C. Chen

Direct-to-Consumer Virtual Visits: Feasibility of a Next-Generation Health Care Delivery System in Ophthalmology
Marissa Lynn, Heather Meyers, Caitlin Schumann, Christina Brown , Dylan Cahill , Aaron Farber-Chen , Jane Patrick , Molly Porter, Mary Whitman, Gordon Massey , David G. Hunter, Ankoor Shah

Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) Visibility of Diabetic Microaneurysms (MAs): associations with wall characteristics and blood flow parameters.
Konstantina Sampani, Omar Abu-Qamar, NIlesh Raval, Yang Lu, Miguel Bernabeu, Ward Fickweiler, Lloyd Paul Aiello, Jennifer K. Sun

Outcomes in Resident-performed Cataract Surgeries with Iris Challenges: Results from the PCIOL Study
Giannis Moustafa, Durga Borkar, K. Matthew McKay, Emily Eton, Nicole Koulisis, Carolyn Kloek

The effect of epiretinal membrane on drusen volume as quantified by SD-OCT
Emily Li, Omar Shakir, James Kempton, Patrick Coady

THBS1 polymorphism associated with increased risk of pterygium and altered thrombospondin-1 expression
Vinny Keshav, Lilla Simon, Connor Baharozian, Rebecca Regan, Sharmila Masli, Hyunjoo Lee