June 5, 2020 Conference


Shared Medical Appointments in Ophthalmology

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Dr. Ka Yi Emily Tam, BMC (Presenter)
Madhura Shah, Boston University
Dr. Sofia De Arrigunaga, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Dr. Haben Kefella, Boston Medical Center
Scarlet Soriano, Boston University
Susannah G. Rowe, Boston University
Purpose: Shared medical appointments (SMAs) are becoming popular as a tool in primary care to improve access. As little is known about its potential in ophthalmology, this study describes the feasibility of conducting SMAs in ophthalmologic practice. Methods: Glaucoma patients who were not compliant with glaucoma medications were recruited to participate, and a total of 5 patients attended the SMA. The 1.5 hour session included a basic eye exam, glaucoma education, peer to peer discussion, demonstration of eye use, medication refill, and pre and post survey administration for patients and staff members. Results: Positive responses from patients and staff members (physicians, ophthalmic technicians, pharmacists) alike demonstrate that SMAs would be a feasible option in ophthalmology practice. Conclusions: SMAs are a new concept to ophthalmology. As more programs incorporate SMAs into their visits, ophthalmologists should consider the role of SMAs in advancing patient care.
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