June 5, 2020 Conference


Ocular Syphilis Trend in Urban Underserved Community in the United States

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Dr. Ka Yi Emily Tam, BMC
Gabrielle Fridman (Presenter)
Dr. Alexander Port, Boston Medical Center
Dr. Nicole Siegel, -
Purpose: This study aims to describe the risk factors, presentation and prevalence of thus resurfacing disease. Methods: Retrospective chart review was performed on patients with diagnosis codes correlating with syphilis or syphilis related ocular diseases at Boston Medical Center, an urban teaching hospital, between 2010-2019. Results: 229 tested positive for syphilis and 40 patients were diagnosed with ocular syphilis. Among patients with ocular syphilis, 50% had vision 20/60 or better. 50% presented with anterior uveitis as their initial presentation. 49% patients had involvement of posterior segment. Neovascular glaucoma, papillitis, vasculitis, and retinal detachment were rarer presentations. Conclusion: This study provides insight to recognize ocular manifestations of this resurgent disease.
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