September 28, 2018 - HYNES - Physicians Conference


Cataract Surgery for People with Special Needs

Dr. Deborah K. VanderVeen, Children's Hospital Boston (Presenter)

Visual impairment from cataract is a disability that can co-exist with other disabilities, whether physical, intellectual or emotional.  Cataract patients may have physical disabilities that preclude proper positioning during surgery, but other types of disability that merit special consideration for cataract surgery include intellectual impairment, autism, and behavioral or emotional disturbances.  These patients are typically unable to cooperate for an optimal office examination, pre-operative biometry, require general anesthesia, and may be unable to comply with typical post-operative care plans.  Preparation strategies for the patient can include pre-operative training at home, and environmental control in the pre-operative area.  Modifications in surgical technique can also improve safety, and post-operative care can be improved when considering individual behavioral needs.  Utilization of such techniques can improve the experience for the patient and family, and contribute to a satisfactory surgical outcome.


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