June 5, 2020 Conference


Traumatic Posterior Eye Injuries

Dr. Lucy Young, MEEI (Presenter)
Ocular trauma is a common cause of visual loss. Prior to examination, a detailed history is crucial and may offer clues to the nature of the ocular injury. The initial examination should be as thorough as possible but it is important to avoid any further trauma to the globe. Computed tomography and ultrasonography can be very useful when there is no visualization of the posterior segment. Injuries such as commotio retinae, choroidal rupture, retinitis sclopetaria, optic nerve avulsion, vitreous hemorrhage and macular hole do not require immediate attention. However, retinal tears in the presence of vitreous hemorrhage, intraocular foreign bodies, macula-sparing retinal detachment and traumatic endophthalmitis are indications for urgent vitreoretinal surgical intervention. Accurate diagnosis and timely management of posterior segment injuries may reduce the magnitude of visual loss in injured eyes.
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