March 9, 2018 Conference


Fixated PCIOLs are often a better option than ACIOLs

Dr. Gregory Blaha (Presenter)

Anterior chamber intraocular lenses (ACIOLs) have improved greatly since early versions which often caused severe side effects.  Newer versions are better but still have risks of corneal damage, glaucoma, and inflammation and require a large corneal incision for implantation.

There are multiple options for fixating posterior chamber IOLs when there is not sufficient capsular support including iris-sutured, scleral-sutured, and scleral-fixated without sutures.  These techniques continue to improve and can allow individualized surgery for each patient with excellent results.  This talk will discuss all of these techniques with special focus on IOL optic and haptic composition, optic size, foldability, incision size, suture selection, and wound construction.

Fixated PCIOLs offer many advantages over ACIOLs and are often a better choice for the patient.