May 31, 2019 Conference


Open, Ab-externo Xen

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Zoey Stoumbos, OCB/NEEC (Presenter)
Dr. Husam Ansari, Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston

The XEN is a gelatin stent that bypasses the eye's natural drainage pathway create a bleb. One of the challenges of XEN implantation is ensuring subconjunctival placement and avoiding entanglement in tenon's capsule. The rates of bleb needlings postoperatively are high, with most estimates in published literature ranging from 30% to 40%. There has been interest in utilizing ab externo surgical methods to improve XEN placement. A retrospective case series was performed to compare surgical outcomes of patients who had XEN implantation with the traditional ab interno, closed conjunctiva method compared to an ab externo, open conjunctiva method. Early results suggest that the ab externo, open method is associated with less medication use post-operatively, as well as a lower needling rate, when compared to the ab interno, closed method.