April 21, 2017 Conference


Intraocular Lens Choices in the Compromised Eye

Dr. C. Douglas Evans, North Suburban Eye Associates (Presenter)
Speaker Session Topic
Successful cataract surgery in the compromised eye requires taking measures to set one’s self up for an optimal outcome by anticipating potential surgical issues outside of the routine, making sound choices for IOL design and material that will take into account any structural limitations and being prepared to handle any potential intraoperative problems that might be more likely due to the particular situation. Key objectives include a careful history to identify past injury, prior refractive or other ocular surgery, previous episodes of ocular disease and a careful preoperative exam to identify undiagnosed conditions that could potentially complicate cataract surgery. Furthermore, choosing an intraocular lens that will be compatible with any potentially complicating conditions in a compromised eye is paramount. Lastly, being prepared in the operating room with instruments and equipment that could be critical to an optimal outcome and being familiar with techniques and strategies to address those possibilities raise the chance of a successful outcome in these challenging cases. The talk will address the areas of anatomic compromise that factor into our choices for an intraocular lens, including: 1) what to avoid and what to embrace when confronted with ocular pathology beyond a straightforward cataract, 2) how additional considerations come into play with the specialty lenses and 3) how anticipated disease progression can enlighten our choices for IOLs that will avoid eventual disappointment for the patient in the future.