March 3, 2017 Conference


Future Directions in Evaluations and Care of Diabetic Eye Disease, Novel Therapies and Approaches

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Dr. L. Paul Aiello, Joslin Diabetes Center (Presenter)
Speaker Session Topic
Despite remarkable advances in treatment, diabetes represents a global epidemic with diabetic eye complications remaining a leading cause of vision loss in working age adults in most developed countries. To better treat these conditions, there is a critical need for precise, readily identifiable retinal biomarkers to allow earlier, more accurate diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, predict disease progression, determine when to start and stop treatment, understand novel pathways and develop more effective therapies. Such approaches now include identification and mapping of peripheral retinopathy lesions, retinal nonperfusion & oxygenation, disorganization of the retinal inner layers, individual microaneurysm wall & flow characteristics, novel contrast sensitivity measures, non-VEGF dependent pathways, and numerous others. Detection modalities include ultrawidefield color imaging and angiography, SDOCT, OCT-A, adaptive optics SLO, and deep learning computer algorithms. Overall, these new approaches are changing our ability to assess DR risk and monitor disease progression, and may eventually lead to a needed revision of how we grade, characterize and monitor diabetic retinopathy.