December 2, 2016 Conference


Intraoperative Aberrometry

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Dr. Nicoletta A. Fynn-Thompson, OCB (Presenter)
Speaker Session Topic
The expectations in visual outcomes following cataract surgery have increased, and so have our options for newer technology to help achieve this. We traditionally use biometric formulas and measurements to guide our IOL power selection to achieve the intended refractive error following cataract surgery. Intraoperative aberrometry technology is a new modality allowing us to obtain aphakic and pseudophakic refractive measurements to determine IOL power selection and placement. The data supporting predictability and effectiveness of using intraoperative aberrometry in cataract surgery cases which are routine, post-refractive surgery, astigmatism correcting, and presbyopia correcting will be reviewed. We shall investigate variables affecting intraoperative aberrometry that occur during cataract surgery and discuss how they affect the accuracy of this new technology.