April 21, 2017 Conference


Smart-Device Imaging

Dr. Shizuo Mukai, MEEI (Presenter)
Speaker Session Topic
Recent advances in smart devices such as the smartphone and related technologies have greatly improved the facility and quality of imaging the retina in a variety of ways. These advances include improvements in the devices themselves especially the cameras, other technologies such as 3-D printing that allows for hardware add-ons, and easy and inexpensive availability of parts. The smart device can serve in a variety of ways for retinal imaging. It can be used as an image-transfer device for images captured on conventional devices, a camera that captures images in conjunction with an examination device such as a slit lamp, a stand-alone imaging device with hardware attachments, or an imaging device without any attachments. With the increase in the computational power of these devices and ability to hack into and program some of the devices, image recognition and machine learning can be used to enable automated diagnosis of some of the conditions. In addition, numerous technologies are being developed that would further advance the ability to image the retina using smart devices.