April 21, 2017 Conference


Strategies for Anterior Vitrectomy following Posterior Capsular Rupture

Mr. David Chang (Presenter)
Speaker Session Topic
Every cataract surgeon should have a game plan for when and how to perform an anterior vitrectomy following posterior capsule rupture. This lecture will review the goals, the indications, and the techniques. Understanding and mentally rehearsing these strategies will better prepare cataract surgeons to make correct decisions amidst the stress of an unexpected complication. Highlighted strategies will include posterior assisted levitation (PAL) of a descending nucleus, and preventing further descent of retained lens material using the “Viscoelastic Trap” combined with bimanual pars plana anterior vitrectomy. Video will be used to demonstrate the aforementioned techniques, along with adjunct triamcinolone staining of the vitreous.