June 5, 2020 Conference


Traumatic Cataract Surgery and Iris Reconstruction, Part 2

Dr. James Banta, Bend Ophthalmology (Presenter)

Closed and open globe injuries can lead to symptomatic iris damage and traumatic cataract.  Through a series of video case presentations, the management of these complex patients will be discussed.  Specific topics regarding anterior segment repair will include surgical repair of iridodialysis and traumatic mydriasis, and the Siepser sliding knot technique.  Specific topics regarding traumatic cataract surgery will include the use of trypan blue and intraretinal scissors to accomplish a capsulorhexis, visco-compartmentalization of vitreous prolapse, the use of anterior vitrectomy via the pars plana vitrectomy, slow motion phaco settings, capsular tension rings, and alternate fixation techniques in the absence of adequate capsular support.

Presentation Video