December 2, 2016 Conference


Patient Safety and Cataract Surgery

Mr. Michael G. Morley, OCB- 7th floor (Presenter)
Speaker Session Topic
Cataract surgery is a safe procedure but serious reportable events (SRE) remain a persistent, low-grade problem troubling to patients, ophthalmologists, and regulators. There is pressure to reduce error rates, in part due to provisions in the Affordable Care Act, which prioritizes Patient Safety as a mechanism for improving quality of care. Wrong IOL is the most common SRE associated with cataract surgery, accounting for about 50% of all errors. The remaining 50% of errors include operating on the wrong patient or side, and performing a wrong procedure. Anesthesia errors, especially wrong side injections are not uncommon. A recent cluster of anesthesia-related globe perforations generated intense public discussion about patient safety during cataract surgery. Ophthalmologists can reduce SRE’s by communicating with their clinical and administrative teams, learning about the causes and sources of error, actively performing time-outs, and understanding that safe care is an indispensable element of quality.