October 30, 2020 Conference


Current Concepts in Open Globe Injury Management

Dr. Alice Lorch, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (Presenter)
Patients who present after trauma should be carefully examined with a high level of suspicion for open globe injury. Attention should be paid to the area and characteristics of injury which will dictate surgical repair. Pre-operative workup should include CT imaging and the literature suggests that best antibiotic prophylaxis is done with IV antibiotics. There are many different surgical considerations for open globe injury repair depending on the extent of injury and subsequent surgeries are often required to treat sequelae of this trauma. Primary enucleation should only be considered in rare situations. Surgeons can counsel patients on prognosis using tools like the Ocular Trauma Score, and recent literature suggests that the presence of orbital fracture is a negative prognostic factor. The consent process for repair is crucial to ensure reasonable patient expectations, but with appropriate technique and followup some patients can regain functional vision.
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