May 31, 2019 Conference


Relationship of Children’s Demographic Factors and Vision Screening Results in the UCLA Preschool Vision Program

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Dr. Ka Yi Emily Tam, BMC
Mehravaran Shiva, UCLA (Presenter)

The UCLA Preschool Vision Program (UPVP) is a community outreach program that travels throughout Los Angeles County to provide free vision care for children 3-5 years old. Information collected during the vision screening visits can inform us on the vision status of children residing in different Los Angeles County Supervisorial Districts. This study aimed to provide insights into whether gender, ethnicity, language background, as well as residential neighborhood are associated with vision screening outcomes. We found that there were no gender differences in failed rates; however, being Latino, self-identifying as primary Spanish speaker, and being in District 1 was associated with higher fail rates during screening. The information provided by this study can help public health officials identify unmet needs for children’s vision care in the various Los Angeles County Supervisorial Districts.