April 12, 2019 Conference


Navigating the challenges of optometric glaucoma comanagement

Dr. Tom Hsu, OCB (Presenter)

The healthcare burden of glaucoma care is rapidly increasing.  Year upon year, the incidence of new glaucoma cases is rising, in conjunction with increasing impacts of cataracts and macular degeneration.  Across the United States, optometry has been permitted to treat glaucoma with topical anti-hypertensive medications, with the exception of Massachusetts.  In addition, OK, KY, and LA allow optometrist to perform lasers.   Inevitably, we are faced with the reality that glaucoma care will be comanaged.  We need to be proactive and examine our relationships with community optometrists, and determine what approach will be in the best interests for our patients.   Legislation is unlikely to provide a uniform approach for glaucoma comanagement, and we must take the initiative to define clearly the process by which we set the expectations for shared patient care.