October 30, 2020 Conference


Intraocular Foreign Bodies

Dr. Nicole Siegel, Boston University School of Medicine / Boston Medical Center (Presenter)
Intraocular foreign bodies (IOFB) can be devastating to the eye. Knowing the material and size of the foreign body and its final location will aid in its retrieval and preoperative planning. An IOFB is an independent risk factor for the development of endophthalmitis. This risk increases with the presence of organic matter and the longer duration that the IOFB is retained in the eye. As a result, the timing of the IOFB removal is very important to mitigate this risk and should be removed, if possible, within 24 hours of the injury to prevent further complications. A variety of techniques will be discussed to aid in the removal of IOFBs from the posterior segment including the use of an intraocular magnet, foreign body forceps, perfluorocarbon liquid and a nitinol basket. Careful surgery and follow up will ensure the best outcomes.
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