April 21, 2017 Conference


Imaging Diabetes with a Focus on OCTA

Dr. Nadia Waheed, Tufts New England Eye Center (Presenter)
Speaker Session Topic
For the last 2 decades, imaging of the retina has been critical in the clinical care as well as in clinical trial design in diabetics. Color fundus photos have been used to grade the level of retinopathy, fluorescein angiography is used to evaluate for neovascularization, macular edema and macular ischemia, and optical coherence tomography (OCT) is used to quantify the extent and location of diabetic macular edema. With the development of OCT angiography, we now also have the ability to non-invasively and rapidly image the vasculature of the retina and correlate this to the structural changes on OCT. It also allows for the visualization of changes in diabetics earlier and with much better resolution than traditional imaging and examination techniques. In this presentation, we will review how OCT angiography findings relate to level of diabetic retinopathy severity, response to treatment and visual prognosis.