April 12, 2019 Conference


A Novel Treatment Approach to Uveitis-Glaucoma-Hyphema Syndrome after Anterior Segment Reconstruction

Dr. Ankoor Shah, Boston Children's Hospital (Presenter)

Uveitis-Glaucoma-Hyphema (UGH) syndrome, caused by chafing of the iris against an implanted intraocular lens (IOL), is rarely reported in children. We show a video demonstrating the etiology of UGH in an 11-year-old-boy who presented with persistent uveitis after extraction of a traumatic cataract and implantation of a sulcus IOL at the age of 8. Specifically, atrophic areas of the iris oscillated with every eye movement leading to chafing against the IOL. Typical treatment involves explantation of the IOL. However, we demonstrate that a daily mydriatic restricted iris movement and resolved the UGH syndrome. This novel treatment paradigm allowed retention of the IOL, preservation of vision, and may be another option for treatment of UGH.