December 2, 2016 Conference


Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS): Current and Future Options

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Mark A. Latina, Reading Health (Presenter)
Speaker Session Topic
Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) are changing our philosophy on our approach to treating glaucoma patients. Historically, glaucoma surgery has been primarily performed by glaucoma specialists and was reserved as a last resort for patients with glaucoma that did not respond to other forms of therapy. The aim of MIGS is to provide a safer, less invasive means of reducing IOP than traditional surgery. MIGS are now becoming a valid alternative to medical treatment for patients with mild to moderate glaucoma. MIGS procedures are becoming part of the treatment armamentarium of all ophthalmologists with many of these procedures being performed in combination with cataract surgery. There are four main approaches of IOP reduction by MIGS. They include: 1) bypassing the trabecular Meshwork resistance, 2) increasing uveoscleral outflow via suprachoroidal pathways, 3) reducing aqueous production from the ciliary body, and 4) creating a subconjunctival drainage pathway. The current status and potential role of the Trabecutome, I-stent, Hydrus, Visco 360, Trab 360, GATT, ECP, Cypass, Zen Implant and InnFocus Microshunt will be discussed.