April 20, 2018 Conference


Update on Approaches to Corneal Ulcers

Mr. Jessica Chow (Presenter)

Infectious keratitis is a sight-threatening condition with potentially significant morbidity and economic impact in the United States. A CDC report from 2010 stated that pisodes of keratitis and contact lens disorders cost an estimated $175 million in direct health care expenditures and occupied over 250,000 hours of clinician time annually. The gold standard for diagnosis is culture of the causative organism, but imaging techniques and PCR sequencing may be useful. Topical antimicrobial therapy should be tailored to the microbial etiology (bacterial, fungal, amoebal, or viral), but managing the host inflammatory response is crucial to prevent poor outcomes such as corneal melting, scarring, and perforation. Newer therapies such as corneal collagen crosslinking and photodynamic therapy are promising.