September 28, 2018 - HYNES - Physicians Conference


Cataract Surgery After Refractive Surgery

Dr. thandeka myeni, Koch Eye Associates/ Visionary Eye Doctors (Presenter)

Intraocular lens selection for cataract surgery in patients who have previously undergone LASIK or PRK can be challenging for many reasons.  These patients are typically prepared to pay extra money to obtain optimal results.  Oftentimes they are spectacle free and want to remain this way after cataract surgery.  They are often interested in premium cataract surgery options like laser assisted cataract surgery, intraoperative aberrometry and they have high expectations.  This combined with the typical absence of information about their eyes prior to their refractive surgery can make it more challenging to obtain emmetropia after cataract surgery. In the past, we were dependent on historical information to get great results for these patients.  Fortunately, with advancements in technology, in addition to newer formulas that do not require historical data, intraocular lens selection does not have to be so daunting. In this talk we will discuss how to: 1) Manage patient expectations; 2) Estimate their previous refraction; 3) Adjust lens selection based on previous treatment; 4) Choose a lens formula; and 5) Use intraoperative technology to obtain excellent outcomes; 6) Managing unexpected post-operative outcomes.


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