September 28, 2018 - HYNES - Physicians Conference


Managing Dysfunctional Physician Behavior

Dr. Matthew Gardiner, MEEI (Presenter)

The practice of medicine is inherently stressful and some situations can lead to maladaptive behaviors in some individuals. Employees under stress can become disruptive or abusive when pushed beyond their abilities to cope resulting in behavior such as being disrespectful, having emotional outbursts, yelling and occasional violence. Every organization should have a comprehensive and carefully reviewed process for dealing with those prone to acting out in these ways. A team of invested leaders should be versed in the steps required to quickly respond to the instigator in order to mitigate the situation and prevent further incidents. A rigorous reporting system is essential for record keeping and for creating a culture of community responsibility wherein everyone feels safe to raise issues of concern.

Consequences for disruptive employees include first warnings, training/coaching, withdrawal of privileges or termination. The principal goal in instituting these actions is to help the individual become aware of and grow beyond these poor coping mechanisms in order to make them a more effective medical provider.


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